Sprint speed development niche

Are you thinking about starting a niche website about sprint speed development?

This is a great niche to start a website because the followers of the speed development niche are extremely competitive and will advocate for what works. The target customers are extremely passionate about this niche and always have been. People already love all the benefits they can experience from being able to run faster, so helping introduce them to this niche creates the perfect opportunity to make a very profitable niche website in speed development.


  • Passionate following which is inherent in people who participate in competitive sports.
  • Great market growth projections for increased spending in this niche.
  • Fairly easy SEO difficulty for most of our related keywords.

The story:

I’ve been fast since childhood. Early as I can remember, not many kids could run as fast as I could. I’ll go a step further to say, “I didn’t have to run my fastest to beat most kids.” I don’t know if genetics or some part of my childhood routine made me fast, but speed is something I’ve always been known for and feared.

I was always good at sports because of my speed. I remember winning MVP of my 4th grade flag football team because I would score 3-5 touchdowns a game. I just needed to get the ball on the edge of the field and nobody could catch me. I also won many medals in track for sprinting.

I was offered many scholarships for college sports by the time I graduated high school. I decided to accept a football scholarship to a junior college. I later accepted a scholarship to a university for football and ran track for a short period. If I hadn’t received those offers for sports scholarships, I probably wouldn’t have attended and graduated college. I was never interested in school, but I was interested in anything that allowed me to keep playing sports. 

What is speed development

Footspeed, or sprint speed, is the maximum speed at which a human can run.

Many sports involve some type of running. Whether it’s 100 yards down a football field or 3 yards to the edge of the tennis court, running is very important in most sports. For this reason, many sports competitions come down to which team has the fastest players. Strength can’t help the player that’s too slow to catch anyone.

Speed development can improve performance in most sports. Once again, any sport that involves running will give an extra edge to the faster player. Speed is such a crucial element of sports that one fast player can shift the entire momentum of a competition in mere seconds.

Improved performance leads to increased interest from sports teams regardless of level. A fast high school player is going to get more college scholarship offers than the players that run at an average speed. A fast adult who plays rec league soccer is going to own the game because most of the other players will likely be of average speed. Trust me, I would know. I was faster than most athletes I competed against, so playing out of shape adults isn’t even fair, for them.

What I like about this niche

This niche has a passionate following because most of them are in competition level sports. Regardless of level, most people who play sports want to win. This is why they are willing to do everything possible to gain, even just a small edge over the competition. The smart competitors look for ways to improve their technique and speed. 

You can usually find a disposable income for buyers because most of the target buyers are minors. That means their parents are buying sporting equipment for them. My dad bought a ton of sports training equipment for me as a child, and I spend a lot of money of training equipment for my kids.

Great market growth over the next few years. Most niches seem to have an unpredictable growth curve, but this niche is going up very steadily. You can rely on these predictions pretty well because this niche is increasing and continues to rise with no sign of slowing down.

Tons of Amazon products to promote. Possibly the most Amazon products I’ve seen for a niche because you can get equipment, clothing, gear, books, and more. Sports training has a wide variety of products and resources to promote.

Pretty easy difficulty for ranking related keywords. Probably the easiest I’ve seen when researching niche websites to start. However, these keywords also don’t get as much traffic as some of the other niches, so that’s a tradeoff. I’ll always take the SEO traffic over any other kind of traffic thought because they tend to convert better and they keep landing on my site with no extra work from me.

What I don’t like about this niche

Not many Clickbank products focused solely on speed development. You’ll have to dig deeper or find some related niches to promote. For example, some products on stretching or nutrition. These aren’t in our exact niche, but can greatly complement our content.

Not many groups that have our dream customers congregated. I could barely find any groups with people looking to sprint faster. You’ll likely have to target groups that are specific to a sport, then promote speed development as a way to improve sports performance.

Difficult site execution because it’s likely to blend speed development together with a sports niche. This will make your categories and content planning a little more difficult because it’ll be hard to keep things separated in an organized manner. You will need to be sure to clearly identify your target audience before beginning this website and cater every piece of content to that exact audience. Trying to target everyone will likely lead to failure in this niche. You must be focused.

Niche pros and cons at a glance

The passionate following and disposable income of competitive sports training far outweigh the difficult site execution needed to build a successful niche website.


  • Passionate following who are typically involved in competition-level sports
  • Disposable income because many of the target audience are going to be parents of athletes.
  • Large market growth over the next few years at a steady rate.
  • Tons of Amazon products to promote for this niche.
  • Relatively easy difficulty for ranking keywords using SEO.


  • Not many clickbank products focused on speed development.
  • Not many Facebook groups or forums with target customers.
  • Difficult site execution because you’ll likely have to blend the speed development niche with a related sports niche.

Who should start this site:

  • You are not very fast and want to document your speed development.
  • You are very fast and want to help others improve their speed.
  • You are a coach and want to help athletes improve their speed for sports.

Niche market research

We used data from the sports coaching niche because we are looking specifically for people who want to increase their footspeed or sprint speed. The fitness training market statistics was excluded because that also involves people who are simply trying to get in shape, which would skew our numbers.

Niche market worth

The sports coaching niche is currently valued at about $9B.

Niche estimated growth

The sports coaching niche is projected to grow by $4.14B by 2024.

Customer information

People ages 15-24 are most likely to be competing in a sporting activity

People over the age of 25 with a bachelors degree are twice as likely to play a sport



Market worth

$13.2B by 2024

Estimated growth


Amazon products


Here are the top influencers in the speed development niche. Browse their websites to learn more about sprint speed and how to help improve speed as quickly as possible. Then, network with them to gain even more knowledge in this niche. Also, search for ways to expand upon this topic even more on your own niche website. This is where it helps to be innovative.

Charlie Francis

https://www.charliefrancis.com/ This blog seems to be completely related to speed training for sprinters. Speed training is great regardless, but sprinter training is typically geared more towards track.


https://simplifaster.com/ This blog is all about speed training for any athlete in any sport. They seem to focus mostly on track and football speed development.


https://www.trainheroic.com/ This blog is more for anyone wanting to increase their performance, not just athletes. They do cover a good amount of speed training, but also venture into weights and strength training. 



I like these domains for the execution of this speed development niche website. At the time of publishing this article, these brandable domain names are available for a discount.

  • collegespeed.com
  • speedwomen.com
  • speedjewelry.com
  • africanspeed.com
  • prettyspeed.com
  • mrsspeed.com
  • campusspeed.com
  • commercialspeed.com
  • speedsblog.com
  • chocolatespeed.com
  • companyspeed.com
  • speedhall.com

Site Structure

I would structure this website to drive the visitor to a CTA which will hopefully grab their email address. 

The homepage should be driving visitors to the CTA or blog posts. 

The blog posts should drive visitors to other blog posts or the CTA.

I would experiment with different types of CTA, but I really like the thought of a  speed workout plan quiz. I explain a little more about my site structure in the following tabs. 

Pages and Menu Setup

  • Home
  • Blog 
  • About
  • Contact
  • CTA


Homepage is setup to hit pain points of visitor not fully enjoying their life. 

1-2 sections hitting the pain point of them not enjoying success in their sport. 


Section explaining what speed development is and how it works to improve their sports performance.

Section for blog posts.



The blog will need to focus on thoroughly explaining:

  • what is speed
  • Why speed development can help improve sports performance 
  • Products and resources to better understand speed
  • Products and resources for each sport or a chosen sport


Should be a typical about page explaining who you are and why you put together this website.

What is this site about, Why you created it, what you help people accomplish, who you are.


Regular contact page that people can contact you if they have questions. Not much content needed here. Just a small sentence saying, “Fill out the form to get ahold me.” Or something similar. And the form of course. 


This can be a free resource to help the visitor better understand how speed development applies to them. It could also be a resource of 10-20 things that will help them to correct their sprinting technique. I also like the idea of making a quiz called something like the, speed development personal plan. Then, ask for the users email after the quiz either a ?gate? page or the results page.



This category explains everything related to speed.This will help your visitors learn more about speed in sports as a full topic so they don’t have to leave your site if they have more general questions.


This category includes all resources and techniques for speed development . Daily posts that include workouts and stretches.


This category includes all resources and techniques for a sport or sports. Daily posts that include guides and advanced information.


Traffic Sources

You should establish yourself in these groups to get some good promotion to your niche site, but I would focus more on specific sports groups like football, soccer, basketball, track, etc. I also like the SEO difficulty of many of these keywords because they’re easier to rank for than most other niches.

FB groups

This Facebook group has the largest number of people interested in speed development. I like that this group has a large number of people and is already focused on our niche. The other groups don’t have as many followers, or aren’t really focused on our niche. I would say spend most of your time in this Facebook group or search for specific sports groups to promote your niche website.


These forums get some traffic, but not much. These forums are worth browsing through and establishing yourself as a participant. These are the most popular ones. I couldn’t find very many speed development forums because they seem to mainly focus on longer distance running as opposed to athletic sprint speed. This would probably be another great time to find some specific sports forums.


You can find a few subreddits for speed development, but this is the most popular and focused one. It’s pretty active and I would use a couple of these for site promotion.


SEO for these keywords aren’t that difficult. Probably some of the easiest keywords to rank. Even when looking at the general keywords we see pretty low difficulty.

However, Those generic keywords don’t seem to have much search volume. It will definitely take a combination of speed development keywords combined with sports keywords to get a good amount of traffic.

Most people aren’t searching for ways to run faster, for the sake of running faster. They are searching for speed training keywords in relation to other things like winning a race, beating someone, or improving at certain sports.

It will be pretty important to build out that category of your blog that focuses on improving at sports or a specific sport. From there, you can direct people towards your speed development content. Also, search for user-generated keywords so you can answer specific questions people have about speed development on your niche website.


  • Money keywords
    • run faster and jump higher
    • run faster jump higher train smarter
    • run faster plan
    • run faster shoes
    • run faster 40 yard dash
    • run faster quickly
    • run faster long distance
    • run faster how to
  • Long-tail keywords
    • how to run faster like usain bolt
    • run faster or longer for weight loss
    • exercises to run faster and longer
    • can run faster boy or girl
    • how run faster in 100m
    • run faster with less effort
    • run faster without injury
    • run faster outside than on treadmill
    • run faster than you have strength
    • run faster than your mother
    • run faster with lower heart rate


Monetization Method

This website will be monetized with affiliate marketing to promote Amazon and Clickbank products.

Amazon Products

POWER GUIDANCE Agility Ladder (20 Feet) for Speed Agility Training & Quick Footwork Exercise – with 12 Plastic Rungs, 4 Pegs, Carry Bag & 10 Sports Cones 

https://amzn.to/39xM9L1 This is a ladder for speed and agility training which will improve footwork and speed. I have this exact ladder and I love it.

SKLZ Speed Chute Resistance Parachute for Speed and Acceleration Training

https://amzn.to/39EMX10 This is a speed parachute that provides resistance for speed and acceleration training. I have this exact parachute and it really works.

A11N Speed & Agility Training Set- Includes 1 Resistance Parachute, 1 Agility Ladder, 4 Adjustable Hurdles, 12 Disc Cones

https://amzn.to/2XHsDXe I really like this combination pack that includes everything you need to get a good amount of speed training work. Ladder, parachute, hurders, and cones give you a great start for speed work.

Clickbank Products

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Earning Potential

Assuming you can get one clickbank sale per day and a few Amazon products sold with the customers making a few extra purchases you can make $1100 per month on the conservative side. 

You also have the potential to make even more money by selling your own private speed development courses or workout plans.

You could also explore more sports related affiliate products to add even more income to your niche website. 

Good converting clickbank products and $1100/month””


The sprint speed development niche is a great topic to start a niche website. I love the passionate following and the high-converting products you can promote. It also has some great brandable domain names and few easy places to find traffic. I wish you much luck in starting this niche website. I would love to start it myself, but I’d rather find more profitable niches to share with you!

The Feature Highlights

  • Passionate following which is inherent in people who participate in competitive sports.
  • Great market growth projections for increased spending in this niche.
  • Fairly easy SEO difficulty for most of our related keywords.
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