Quit smoking niche

Are you thinking about starting a niche website about quitting smoking?

This is a great niche to start a website because the followers of the smoking cessation niche are extremely appreciative and love to advocate for it. The target customers are possibly even desperate about this niche since quitting to smoke is such a difficult thing to accomplish. People already love all the benefits they can experience from quitting smoking, so helping increase their knowledge in this niche creates the perfect opportunity to make a very profitable niche website in smoking cessation.


  • Great brandable domains available for a discounted price.
  • Large groups of people that are desperate to quit smoking are easy to find online.
  • High-converting Amazon products that encourage repeat purchases and some interesting JVZOO products to promote.

The story:

I started smoking in high school with my friends on work breaks. I was working 2 jobs and most of my friends would smoke little cigars on breaks. Eventually, I joined in smoking with them and became addicted to tobacco. I had to smoke at least one little cigar everyday by the time I graduated college.

I smoked for 10 years before deciding I need to quit. I first tried quitting using the nicotine gum, but it didn’t help me. Then, I tried using the patches. They didn work for awhile, but I was still having a hard time quitting. 

It took me 4 years to finally quit smoking. It was a combination of using the patches and a quit smoking app on my phone. The app would track the amount of money I was saving by not smoking. That was enough to get me to quit, but I still have strong cravings sometimes. Even years after quitting, it’s still a daily test of my willpower.

What is smoking cessation? 

Smoking cessation (also known as quitting smoking or stopping smoking) is the process of discontinuing tobacco smoking.

A large amount of the population smokes. It gained much popularity through pop culture and media. At one point in time, people could smoke anywhere including restaurants, office buildings, and even on airplanes.

After smoking for a while, many people look to quit for various reasons. Some people pick up smoking related illnesses which require them to quit smoking. Others just recognize it’s a bad habit and look for ways to quit.

Quitting smoking is very difficult and comes with it’s own symptoms. Tobacco and nicotine dependence make quitting harder because it includes withdrawal symptoms. Anxiety, irritability, and weight gain are some of the symptoms people experience when they quit smoking for a long period of time. These symptoms are common to that of a hardcore drug user’s withdrawal symptoms. This is what makes smoking cessation such a difficult goal to accomplish.

What I like about this niche

Many people smoke and would like to quit smoking. You can also find many people who attempt to quit multiple times per year. This makes finding your target audience much easier because you can basically target any age range over 18.

Large market growth projected as more people look to quit smoking. A large amount of people have a smoking-related illness and that’s why they want to quit smoking. Others just want to be healthier and smoking is one of the unhealthiest habits.

Many high-converting Amazon products to promote. Regular smoking cessation aids like gum, patches, and more have always sold well and will continue as some people find success using these methods. I also found some more interesting products that are more creative than the regular quit smoking aids.

Very interesting jvzoo products to promote. It’s usually pretty difficult to find good JVZOO products, but I really like these. They also provide a great starting place for creating your own private products.

Great brandable domains available at a discounted price. I was really happy to see these great brandable domains available. Your site will be more memorable and have a bigger impact on your target audience with a great domain.

What I don’t like about this niche

No clickbank products to promote. None. Usually, you can find some clickbank products and I believe I seen one in the past, but it’s gone now. I like clickbank products because they have well-developed funnels that can help with upsells. 

Product commissions are somewhat low overall. Since the products are pretty, so are the commissions. You’ll have to find some more products to promote, like hypnotherapy courses for example.

Niche pros and cons at a glance

The large market growth and cool jvzoo products outweigh the somewhat low commissions for each sale. You’ll be looking for quantity when it comes to these sales since you’ll likely have many repeat customers.


  • Many people smoke and would like to quit smoking.
  • Large market growth projected as more people look to quit smoking.
  • Many high-converting Amazon products to promote.
  • Very interesting jvzoo products to promote.
  • Great brandable domains available at a discounted price.


  • No clickbank products to promote.
  • Product commissions are somewhat low overall.

Who should start this site:

  • You are a current smoker and want to document your experience quitting smoking.
  • You used to smoke and want to help others quit smoking.

Niche market research

The smoking cessation niche has a great market size with great projected growth. I found some discrepancy in the projected market value because some of the projections didn’t include nicotine replacement therapy products such as gum and patches.

Niche market worth

The global smoking cessation market is valued at $7B

Niche estimated growth

The global smoking cessation market is projected to grow to $64B by 2027.

Customer information

13.7% of all adults (34.2 million people): 15.6% of men, 12.0% of women

About 19 of every 100 people with mixed-race heritage (non-Hispanic) (19.1%)

Nearly 23 of every 100 non-Hispanic American Indians/Alaska Natives (22.6%)

Nearly 15 of every 100 non-Hispanic Blacks (14.6%)

About 15 of every 100 non-Hispanic Whites (15.0%)



Market worth

$64B by 2027

Estimated growth


Amazon products


Here are the top influencers in the smoking cessation niche. Browse their websites to learn more about quitting smoking and how to help improve the quality of their life. Then, network with them to gain even more knowledge in this niche. Also, search for ways to expand upon this topic even more on your own niche website. This is where it helps to be innovative.

Kea Health

 https://www.keahealth.com/help-faqs/quit-smoking-blog/ We are America’s No. 1 Quit Smoking Partner. Our Nicotine Replacement Therapy products help you decrease nicotine intake. Try our quit smoking aids today!

Tobacco Analysis 

 http://tobaccoanalysis.blogspot.com/ Tobacco News Analysis and Commentary is providing the whole story behind tobacco news and industry. For incisive commentary on issues regarding tobacco and public health, there’s nothing else like it.

Tobacco Truth 

 https://rodutobaccotruth.blogspot.com/ Tobacco Control has morphed into a crusade intent on demonizing both tobacco users and the industry supplying them. This blog examines and comments on scientific issues surrounding tobacco policies – and fallacies.



I like these domains for the execution of this quitting smoking niche website. At the time of publishing this article, these brandable domain names are available for a discount.

  • shopquitsmoking.com
  • smartquitsmoking.com
  • quitsmokingit.com
  • quitsmokingdesigns.com
  • quitsmokingservices.com
  • mrquitsmoking.com
  • quitsmokingme.com
  • topquitsmoking.com
  • ecoquitsmoking.com
  • quitsmokingcity.com
  • drquitsmoking.com
  • teamquitsmoking.com

Site Structure

I would structure this website to drive the visitor to a CTA which will hopefully grab their email address. 

The homepage should be driving visitors to the CTA or blog posts. 

The blog posts should drive visitors to other blog posts or the CTA.

I would experiment with different types of CTA, but I really like the thought of a  smoking cessation quiz. I explain a little more about my site structure in the following tabs. 

Pages and Menu Setup

  • Home
  • Blog 
  • About
  • Contact
  • CTA


Homepage is setup to hit pain points of visitor not fully enjoying their life. 

1-2 sections hitting the pain point of them not completely enjoying their life. 


Section explaining what smoking cessation is and how it works to improve their life.

Section for user to find smoking cessation products

Section for blog posts.



The blog will need to focus on thoroughly explaining:

  • what is smoking cessation
  • Why quitting smoking can help improve life quality
  • Products and resources to better understand why they smoke
  • Products and resources for quitting smoking


Should be a typical about page explaining who you are and why you put together this website.

What is this site about, Why you created it, what you help people accomplish, who you are.


Regular contact page that people can contact you if they have questions. Not much content needed here. Just a small sentence saying, “Fill out the form to get ahold me.” Or something similar. And the form of course. 


This can be a free resource to help the visitor better understand how smoking cessation applies to them. It could also be a resource of 10-20 things that will help them to quit smoking. I also like the idea of making a quiz called something like the, Why do I really smoke?” Then, ask for the users email after the quiz either a ?gate? page or the results page.


Quit Smoking

This category explains everything related to smoking cessation. This will help your visitors learn more about quitting smoking as a full topic so they don’t have to leave your site if they have more general questions.


This category includes all resources and techniques for quitting smoking . Daily posts that include motivational quotes and affirmations.


Traffic Sources

The quit smoking niche has some good places to find traffic. I like the Facebook groups most because they seem to be the largest with the most activity. I also like the forums because they get good traffic and are outside of social media. Reddit has a decent sub reddit for quitting smoking and it’s worth checking out.

FB groups

These Facebook groups have large numbers of people interested in quitting smoking. I like that these groups have a large number of people and are already focused on our niche. The other groups don’t have as many followers, but have a high engagement. Quality will be your friend when posting in these types of groups so you can get a high engagement rate


These forums get some good traffic. These forums are worth browsing through and establishing yourself as a participant. These are the most popular ones. I found several smoking cessation forums with good activity, but these are going to be the most passionate followers because they sought out another forum outside of social media.


You can find a few subreddits for quitting smoking, but this is the most popular one. It’s pretty active and the only one worth targeting for promoting your niche site.



The general keywords are going to be very difficult to target because they are largely targeted by larger non-profits and medical sites. These sites have been promoting smoking cessation for over a decade so you’ll need a better strategy.

The long-tail keywords are a little better when it comes to difficulty, but many of the larger sites still rank for these keywords. I was able to find some that weren’t as heavily targeted by the larger sites, but not too many.

The best SEO strategy for this niche would definitely be targeting user-generated keywords. I found many user-generated keywords while researching and they seemed pretty easy to rank. You will have to build out posts for many of these keywords, but many of them will add up to tons of organic traffic. 

Also, make sure your site is optimized well because the competition is still stiff for the less difficult keywords. 


  • Money keywords
    • quit smoking for good
    • quit smoking book
    • quit smoking app
    • quit smoking hypnosis
    • quit smoking journal
  • Long-tail keywords
    • how quit smoking changes your body
    • is stopping smoking cold turkey dangerous
    • which day quitting smoking is the hardest
    • can quit smoking cause chest pain
    • why quit smoking before surgery
    • quit smoking to save money
    • quit smoking without withdrawal symptoms
    • quit smoking feel like crap
    • quit smoking and lose weight at the same time
    • quit smoking urinating frequently


What SEO tool I suggest you use for your new niche site

Organic traffic is important for the long-term success of your niche website. Here is my favorite SEO tool:

Monetization Method

This website will be monetized with affiliate marketing to promote Amazon and Clickbank products.

Amazon Products

Aroamas Nicotine Patches to Quit Smoking – Step 1

https://amzn.to/36CBTRc These are the usual smoking cessation nicotine patches that give a small does of nicotine to help curb cravings. Pretty popular in the smoking cessation niche.

Quit Smoking Aid Oxygen Inhaler + Soft Tip Chewable Filter to Help Curb Cravings, Nicotine Free Non-Addictive Stop Smoking Support & Oral Fixation Relief (1 Pack, Cinnamon)

https://amzn.to/3oKmunU This is an inhaler that gives you oxygen and has a tip to help quit smoking. This is supposed to help people with an oral fixation so they still feel like they’re smoking without the harmful effects.

Quit Smoking: My Anxiety Management Tracker – Blue

https://amzn.to/3cCgUlo This is an anxiety tracker, but it seems somewhat like a journal. Journaling allows you to pinpoint and change self-limiting beliefs that will help with smoking cessation.

JVZOO Products

Quit Smoking PLR

Quit Smoking w/ Hypnosis PLR

Quit Smoking Today Software

Earning Potential

Assuming you can get one clickbank sale per day and a few Amazon products sold with the customers making a few extra purchases you can make $900 per month on the conservative side. 

You also have the potential to make even more money by selling your own private smoking cessation affirmations and recordings.

You could also explore more smoking cessation related affiliate products to add even more income to your niche website. 

Good converting clickbank products and $900/month””


The smoking cessation niche is a great topic to start a niche website. I love the passionate following and the high-converting products you can promote. It also has some great brandable domain names and few easy places to find traffic. I wish you much luck in starting this niche website. I would love to start it myself, but I’d rather find more profitable niches to share with you!

The Feature Highlights

  • Great brandable domains available for a discounted price.
  • Large groups of people that are desperate to quit smoking are easy to find online.
  • High-converting Amazon products that encourage repeat purchases and some interesting JVZOO products to promote.
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