Fishing niche

Are you thinking about starting a niche website about fishing?

This is a great niche to start a website because the followers of the fishing niche are extremely loyal and it’s a great way to get out into nature. The target customers are extremely passionate about this niche and always have been. People already love all the benefits they can experience from fishing, so helping increase their knowledge in this niche creates the perfect opportunity to make a very profitable niche website in fishing.


  • Many places to find large congregations of people passionate about fishing.
  • Tons of high-converting Amazon products.
  • Great brandable domains available at a discount.

The story:

I always went fishing with my friend and his dad growing up. We were neighbors so we would go every couple of weeks during the season. We would wake up early so we could make our first cast before sunrise. Those were some great memories I made during my childhood.

I continued to go fishing with friends as I got older. I went fishing with one friend in middle school pretty often. Then, I started fishing with a different friend in high school. After graduating, most of us relocated to new places so I didn’t fish at all for about 10 years after graduating high school.

Now, I enjoy taking my children fishing. We’ve only been a few times, but it’s a lot of fun. They enjoy being out in nature and I’m excited to make fun memories with them. I really like the bonding experience and spending alone time with them. It’s great to disconnect from the world for a while and immerse ourselves in nature. I can’t wait to get back to the lake!

What is fishing?

Fishing The activity of trying to catch fish includes hand gathering, spearing, netting, angling and trapping.

Fishing dates back to the neanderthals about 200,000 BC. This is one of the oldest ways to acquire food in the wild before civilization. It remains a great way to eat for people who live in the wilderness, camping, or another meal to bring home to cook.

Fishing techniques can include hand gathering, spearfishing, netting, angling and trapping. Many people use different techniques when fishing depending on the type of fish they are looking to catch and the location they’re fishing. These techniques range from very easy to very advanced in skill level.

Fishing tackle is equipment used to catch fish such as  hooks, sinkers, floats, leaders, swivels, split rings and wire, snaps, beads, spoons, blades, spinners and more. Most fisherman will have some kind of tacklebox to keep their equipment for easy accessibility while fishing. Rods, line, and net are also fishing equipment used by both beginner and advanced fisherman.

What I like about this niche

Many places to find very passionate followers. As I was researching, it was really easy to find large groups of people interested in fishing. This is one of the only niches I could several Reddit threads with large followings. There are so many sub-niches within this niche that still have many people interested, you can literally brand yourself anyway you want and have success

Tons of high-converting Amazon products to promote. Equipment is a must when it comes to fishing and Amazon has many well-priced items. They also have very creative products with higher ticket prices that can help increase fishing skills and commissions. 

Huge projected market growth. The market value is already pretty high among other niches, but the projections are insane. People are getting more serious about disconnecting with their devices and connecting with nature. Fishing is one of the best ways to do that and is inherently primal, which equals more passion.

Great earning potential. I was very conservative when calculating the numbers because the Clickbank commissions weren’t converting very high. However, fishermen must have equipment to fish, which means they’re more likely to convert on Amazon products out of necessity. I’m not a serious fisherman and I have about 8 poles and 2 tackle boxes. It’s really addictive.

Many great brandable domains available at a discount. I could’ve kept finding domains that are an exact match for fishing because that many are available. This makes it easy to craft a memorable niche site.

Very wide and diverse market of people to target. Children typically start fishing with an adult at a young age around 6 or sometimes younger. People can fish well beyond their 60’s and can enjoy the activity with the younger generation. You can basically target any age range and audience you want and succeed. 

What I don’t like about this niche

Not many clickbank products. I really like the clickbank products because they have the funnel which contain upsells and converts well. But, I couldn’t find many Clickbank products for fishing and none active for JVZOO.

Can be highly competitive if starting a generic site. Starting a niche site about only fishing is going to be difficult to get noticed because the well-established brands target everything fishing. The strategy of this niche site must be a subset of the niche or targeting a very specific audience to succeed. Otherwise, you’re just competing with very authoritative sites and will likely struggle to get established.

Niche pros and cons at a glance

The very passionate followers and tons of Amazon products make this a great niche to start a site, regardless of the somewhat competitive market landscape.


  • Many places to find very passionate followers.
  • Tons of high-converting Amazon products to promote.
  • Huge projected market growth.
  • Great earning potential.
  • Many great brandable domains available at a discount.
  • Very wide and diverse market of people to target.


  • Not many clickbank products.
  • Can be highly competitive if starting a generic site.

Who should start this site:

  • You have no experience fishing and want to document yourself mastering the skill of fishing.
  • You are a very skilled fisherman and want to teach others how to become better fishermen.
  • You are skilled as a fisherman, but want to document yourself mastering other types of fishing.

Niche market research

The global fishing market experienced a huge growth. These statistics are separate from the seafood market which is typically grouped with the fishing market.

Niche market worth

The fishing market is currently valued at $518B.

Niche estimated growth

The fishing market is projected to reach $788B by the year 2027.

Customer information

The customer demographics for fishing are all over the place and include many types of people, but these are the largest segments for fishing:

  • 64% are male
  • 15% are 25-34 and 15% are 45-64
  • 27% have an annual income above $100K
  • 79% are white



Market worth

$788B by 2027

Estimated growth


Amazon products


Here are the top influencers in the fishing niche. Browse their websites to learn more about fishing and how to help improve the quality of their life. Then, network with them to gain even more knowledge in this niche. Also, search for ways to expand upon this topic even more on your own niche website. This is where it helps to be innovative.

Take Me Fishing

Get fishing tips and tricks and read personal stories from anglers who live and breathe fishing and boating. Learn new fishing skills, boating resources, fishing etiquette, conservation and more.

Field and Stream

 Read up on the latest fishing news, including fishing reports and fishing gear reviews, or watch the latest fishing videos and photos at Field and Stream.


Daily fly fishing news, reviews, and tips from fly fishing’s most authoritative source. MidCurrent is the most popular media channel in fly fishing, with more than 20,000 pages of video, art, photography, travel, reviews, tips and daily news.



I like these domains for the execution of this fishing niche website. At the time of publishing this article, these brandable domain names are available for a discount.


Site Structure

I would structure this website to drive the visitor to a CTA which will hopefully grab their email address. 

The homepage should be driving visitors to the CTA or blog posts. 

The blog posts should drive visitors to other blog posts or the CTA.

I would experiment with different types of CTA, but I really like the thought of a  fishing quiz. I explain a little more about my site structure in the following tabs. 

Pages and Menu Setup

  • Home
  • Blog 
  • About
  • Contact
  • CTA


Homepage is setup to hit pain points of visitor not fully enjoying their life. 

1-2 sections hitting the pain point of them not completely enjoying their life. 


Section explaining what fishing is and how it works to improve their life.

Section for blog posts.



The blog will need to focus on thoroughly explaining:

  • what is fishing
  • Why fishing can help improve life quality
  • Products and resources to better understand how to fish


Should be a typical about page explaining who you are and why you put together this website.

What is this site about, Why you created it, what you help people accomplish, who you are.


Regular contact page that people can contact you if they have questions. Not much content needed here. Just a small sentence saying, “Fill out the form to get ahold me.” Or something similar. And the form of course. 


This can be a free resource to help the visitor better understand fishing applies to them. It could also be a resource of 10-20 things that will help them to learn how to catch a fish. I also like the idea of making a quiz called something like the, perfect fishing setup?” Then, ask for the users email after the quiz either a ?gate? page or the results page.



This category explains everything related to fishing. This will help your visitors learn more about fishing as a full topic so they don’t have to leave your site if they have more general questions.


This category includes all resources and techniques for catching a fish. Daily posts that include different fishing setups and ways to catch more fish.


Traffic Sources

This niche has some great traffic sources because you can find large groups of people interested in fishing all over the net. These are possibly the largest and most passionate groups of followers I’ve seen in any niche.

FB groups

These Facebook groups have large numbers of people interested in fishing. I like that these groups have a large number of people and are already focused on our niche. The other groups don’t have as many followers, but still have a good number of people focused on subsets of our niche. Most of the other groups are formed around catching a specific fish or local area fishing.


These forums get some good traffic and are worth browsing through and establishing yourself as a participant. These are the most popular ones. I could have kept finding more forums with much activity. These are going to be the most passionate followers because they sought out another forum outside of social media.


You can find tons of subreddits for fishing. All of them are pretty active and I would target one or two of them at the most. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin.


The generic keywords are typically targeted by the bigger brands and influencers in the fishing space. However, you can find some generic fishing keywords that haven’t been targeted by those larger sites and rank very well.

The long-tail keywords are also targeted by some of the larger blogs in the niche, but I still see some strong opportunities to rank for these keywords. New questions are always being asked about fishing techniques or equipment so continually answer these questions on your site with helpful content.

User-generated keywords are going to be huge in this niche as well so you can stay ahead of the larger sites in answering new questions about gear and techniques. I found many user-generated keywords by simply looking at the forums and scanning for questions that came up multiple times. Fishing is always evolving so you’ll always have new questions to answer on your site which will bring you immense organic traffic.


  • Money keywords
    • Fishing poles
    • Fishing knife
    • Fishing gear
    • Fishing clothing
    • Fishing bait
  • Long-tail keywords
    • how fishing reels work
    • can fishing continue in lockdown
    • what fishing line to use
    • why fishing is good for the environment
    • which fishing knot is the strongest
    • when fishing goes hilariously wrong
    • what fishing reel should i buy
    • why fishing is good for you
    • fishing quotes funny
    • which fishing rod should i buy
    • what fishing line for carp
    • how fishing hooks are made
    • how fishing net works
    • where fishing catfish


Monetization Method

This website will be monetized with affiliate marketing to promote Amazon and Clickbank products.

Amazon Products

PLUSINNO Fishing Lures Baits Tackle Including Crankbaits, Spinnerbaits, Plastic Worms, Jigs, Topwater Lures , Tackle Box and More Fishing Gear Lures Kit Set, 102/67/27Pcs This is a massive tackle kit with everything a fisherman could need to get started fishing. It also includes a tacklebox to store all of these pieces. Great price for this huge kit.

PLUSINNO Floating Fishing Net for Steelhead, Salmon, Fly, Kayak, Catfish, Bass, Trout Fishing, Rubber Coated Landing Net for Easy Catch & Release, Compact & Foldable for Easy Transportation & Storage

This fishing net is great for catching the fish after they’ve been reeled in. Using the net can be helpful for taking them off of the line or tossing them back into the water. I have this net and it works great.

ReelSonar Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder

This is a bobber with sonar capabilities that can show you where the fish are congregated. Finding a good fishing spot is one of the hardest parts of fishing and this helps you find a good spot easily.

Clickbank Products

Bass Fishing Connection

Surf Fishing Guide

Free Karambit Knife

Earning Potential

Assuming you can get one clickbank sale per day and a few Amazon products sold with the customers making a few extra purchases you can make $1400 per month on the conservative side. 

You also have the potential to make even more money by selling your own private fishing courses and resources.

You could also explore more fishing related affiliate products to add even more income to your niche website. 

Good converting clickbank products and $1400/month””


The fishing niche is a great topic to start a niche website. I love the passionate following and the high-converting products you can promote. It also has some great brandable domain names and few easy places to find traffic. I wish you much luck in starting this niche website. I would love to start it myself, but I’d rather find more profitable niches to share with you!

The Feature Highlights

  • Many places to find large congregations of people passionate about fishing.
  • Tons of high-converting Amazon products.
  • Great brandable domains available at a discount.
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