Chatbot niche

Are you thinking about starting a niche website about chatbots?

This is a great niche to start a website because business owners and consumers are becoming more interested in the chatbot niche. The target customers are extremely passionate about this niche and growing at an exceptional rate. People already love the time and money they can save by using chatbots, so helping introduce them to this niche creates the perfect opportunity to make a very profitable niche website in chatbots.


  • Very large projected market growth due to increased acceptance and use of chatbots
  • High-converting JVZOO products with really good funnels for increased upsell opportunities
  • Great domains for branding available at a discount

The story:

I was looking for keyword opportunities a few years ago and came across chatbots. The keyword search trend for chatbot related keywords was increasing at an astonishing rate. With search volume growing and low difficulty, I knew this was a niche site I wanted to start.

I purchased a chatbot software and tested it out on a few of my sites. It was a chatbot that presented the user with multiple choices to choose which path to direct them next. Each selection would present them with a different selection of choices until they eventually reached their goal. I wasn’t seeing much engagement with the chatbot on my most popular website so I tweaked it a couple of times with no luck.

I let industry news influence me and stopped working with the chatbot software. I kept seeing statistics about the use and approval of chatbots on the decline. Little did I know, I was about 3 years early to the exploding chatbot industry.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a software application used to conduct an on-line chat conversation via text or text-to-speech, in lieu of providing direct contact with a live human agent. 

A chatbot is a system that can hold dialogue with users. They are usually automated and require little to no human assistance to run. Chatbots have been around since around 1994, but only recently gained much popularity due to their increased sophistication and approval of use among millennials.

The chatbots vary in functionality from multiple choice selection to artificial intelligence. The multiple choice selection presents the user with different selections based on their previous selection to get them the best answer. The most sophisticated chatbots use AI to understand what the user is asking and present them with the best answer.

They can be found in social media messaging, websites, and home automation. Facebook has a large amount of chatbots within their messaging platform that businesses use to communicate with their customers instantly. Many websites also feature chatbots for customer service, purchase decisions, and more. Voice assistants in home automation setups are possibly one of the largest uses of chatbots and continue to grow as voice recognition technology continues to improve.

What I like about this niche

The chatbot niche has a very large market that is expanding at an astonishing rate. Though some of the statistics conflict with each other, I can find no doubts that this is a fast growing market. One of the biggest benefits of chatbots is that they inherently save businesses money. Having the automated bot for 24/7 customer service is one of the biggest benefits of chatbots.

This 24/7 functionality is one of the reasons why chatbots are gaining popularity among users, especially millennials. Many people like to use the chatbot for getting immediate answers to simple questions. Also, people are becoming more confident handling issues without the help of a human agent. I’ve spoken with customer service on the phone many times, so no surprise there.

Another thing I like is the many chatbot platforms and software to make your own chatbots for your website or for resale to others. This gives you several business models to focus on one, or combine them for multiple income streams. I really like the thought of making chatbots for businesses and charging for development as well as maintenance.

I found some of the best JVZOO products to purchase or promote. I typically don’t find many JVZOO products for other niches, but I really like the products for chatbots. I especially like the software that makes it easy to develop and deploy your own chatbots. I own this software and it’s great!

Since this is a relatively new niche, you can find lots of great domain names that are ready for branding. I could’ve kept finding great domain names for a new website. I really like that you can combine a niche with chatbots for even more effectiveness and brand loyalty.

I found some good keywords to target because people are usually aware of the chatbot benefits. Especially if they’re actively searching the web for chatbot information. I also found some keywords that could potentially create a new sub niche within the chatbot industry that would be very helpful and even more profitable!

What I don’t like about this niche

I couldn’t really find any good Amazon products to promote. Many of the chatbot amazon products are books related to developing your own chatbot. I didn’t expect to see many Amazon products, but this is almost none.

I couldn’t find any Clickbank products to promote. I like Clickbank products because the funnels are usually well tested and convert well for upsells. I was expecting to see a few products, but I found none.

The chatbot niche has a more difficult target audience because they must be targeted selectively. While you can target those who are interested in chatbots specifically, they’re typically going to be developers. It will be more strategic to target customers of another niche, then educate them about the benefits of chatbots. Focusing on a chatbot that serves a specific industry or sub niche, will help build a more successful niche site.

Niche pros and cons at a glance

The large market growth and fantastic JVZOO products far outweigh the small amount of Amazon products to promote. 


  • Very large market that is expanding at an astonishing rate. 
  • Gaining popularity among users, especially millennials.
  • Many chatbot platforms and software to make your own chatbots for your website or for resale to others.
  • Great JVZOO products to purchase or promote.
  • Lots of great domain names that are ready for branding.
  • Good keywords to target because people are usually aware of the chatbot benefits.


  • Almost no Amazon products to promote.
  • No clickbank products to promote.
  • More difficult to find target audience because they must be targeted selectively.

Who should start this site:

  • You have no experience with chatbots and want to document your journey as you develop them from scratch using code.
  • You have no experience with chatbots and want to document your journey as you deploy them without coding knowledge.
  • You are very experienced with chatbots and want to show people how they can save money using chatbots for customer service.
  • You are very experienced with another niche and want to develop specialized chatbots for use in your specific niche.

Niche market research

There was much conflicting information about the chatbot niche market, but it seems some of these don’t factor in voice assistants like Google Home and Alexa. That seems to be creating a huge disparity between some reports. I included these voice assistance stats because that same technology is actually used in chatbots that rely on artificial intelligence.

Niche market worth

The chatbot market is worth about $17.2B. Conflicting reports show the chatbot market worth at $2.6B.

Niche estimated growth

The chatbot market is projected to grow to $102.3B by 2025. Conflicting reports project the chatbot market to reach $15B by 2025.

Customer information

74% of users prefer a chatbot when trying to find a simple answer.

65% of customers feel comfortable handling an issue without speaking directly to a human customer service representative.

64% of consumers like the 24/7 functionality of a chatbot.



Market worth

$102.3B by 2025

Estimated growth


Amazon products


Here are the top influencers in the chatbot niche. Browse their websites to learn more about chatbots and how to help improve the quality of their life. Then, network with them to gain even more knowledge in this niche. Also, search for ways to expand upon this topic even more on your own niche website. This is where it helps to be innovative.

Chatbots Magazine Chatbots Magazine is the place to learn about Chatbots, AI, NLP, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, and more.

Chatbots Life Best place to learn about Chatbots. This blog shares the latest Bot News, Info, AI & NLP, Tools, Tutorials & More.

Chatfuel Blog Chatfuel is a leading platform for making bots on Messenger. Find news, tips and information related to chatbots from this blog.



I like these domains for the execution of this chatbot niche website. At the time of publishing this article, these brandable domain names are available for a discount.


Site Structure

I would structure this website to drive the visitor to a CTA which will hopefully grab their email address. 

The homepage should be driving visitors to the CTA or blog posts. 

The blog posts should drive visitors to other blog posts or the CTA.

I would experiment with different types of CTA, but I really like the thought of a  chatbot quiz. I explain a little more about my site structure in the following tabs. 

Pages and Menu Setup

  • Home
  • Blog 
  • About
  • Contact
  • CTA


Homepage is setup to hit pain points of visitor not fully enjoying their life. 

1-2 sections hitting the pain point of them not getting much engagement from their site or increased customer service costs 


Section explaining what a chatbot is and how it works to improve their life.

Section for blog posts.



The blog will need to focus on thoroughly explaining:

  • What is a chatbot
  • Why chatbots can help improve their sales or engagement 
  • Products and resources to better understand chatbot deployment


Should be a typical about page explaining who you are and why you put together this website.

What is this site about, Why you created it, what you help people accomplish, who you are.


Regular contact page that people can contact you if they have questions. Not much content needed here. Just a small sentence saying, “Fill out the form to get ahold me.” Or something similar. And the form of course. 


This can be a free resource to help the visitor better understand how chatbots apply to them. It could also be a resource of 10-20 things that will help them to learn how to quickly deploy a chatbot. I also like the idea of making a quiz called something like the, Does my website need a chatbot?” Then, ask for the users email after the quiz either a ?gate? page or the results page.



This category explains everything related to chatbot. This will help your visitors learn more about chatbots as a full topic so they don’t have to leave your site if they have more general questions.


This category includes all resources and techniques to develop and tweak chatbots. Daily posts that include news updates on chatbot technology.


Traffic Sources

The traffic sources are a little more difficult for this chatbot niche website because it won’t be very helpful to target people that are only interested in chatbots. It’s more beneficial to target intersecting customers who could use chatbots to increase engagement on their website or sales on their social media. However, some of these chatbot groups have people who are aware of chatbots and need help making a purchasing decision among the many platforms that exist.

FB groups

These Facebook groups have large numbers of people interested in chatbots. I like that these groups have a large number of people and are already focused on our niche. One issue is that many of these groups are focused on the development and deployment of chatbots. Not necessarily those who are in need of chatbots. This is where it would help to have a target niche in combination with chatbots to introduce people to chatbots that otherwise, would have not thought of them as a solution.


These forums get some good traffic. These forums are worth browsing through and establishing yourself as a participant. These are the most popular ones. I could have kept finding more chatbot forums with good activity. I really like these, but you can find many forums that fit your specific needs for chatbots. These are likely going to be the most passionate followers because they sought out another forum outside of social media.


You can find a few subreddits for chatbots, but this is the most popular one. It’s very active and the only one worth targeting for promoting your niche site.


The SEO outlook for the chatbot niche is pretty good to target for traffic. The generic chatbot keywords are pretty much dominated by the chatbot platforms. However, the long-tail keywords present some very interesting opportunities.

It would be more useful to target your chatbot keywords towards the specific niche market you are targeting for combined keywords. For example, targeting keywords that combine roofing with chatbots allows you to target those roofing businesses that could be in need of a chatbot on their website. You can combine the chatbot keyword with nearly any industry and brand your niche site to cater specifically to that industry.

The long-tail keywords are pretty low difficulty because many new questions are still being asked of this relatively new niche. Another very interesting opportunity I found was the use of chatbots to combat loneliness and mental health. The combination of these niches makes for a very powerful niche website. Possibly the most powerful niche website you’ve ever seen.


  • Money keywords
    • chatbot for website
    • chatbot for mental health
    • chatbot for facebook
    • chatbot without coding
    • chatbot for loneliness
  • Long-tail keywords
    • how will chatbots change the future
    • chatbot or customer service
    • chatbot code in python
    • chatbot helps in increased customer engagement
    • chatbot natural language processing
    • chatbot questions and answers dataset
    • how chatbot help business
    • what is chatbot marketing
    • which companies use chatbots
    • why chatbots are popular


Monetization Method

This website will be monetized with affiliate marketing to promote Amazon and JVZOO products.

Amazon Products

Hands-On Chatbots and Conversational UI Development: Build chatbots and voice user interfaces with Chatfuel, Dialogflow, Microsoft Bot Framework, Twilio, and Alexa Skills This book is basically a textbook about developing chatbots for conversational application. This book looks like something you’d get in a college course.

Building Chatbots with Python: Using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning This book focuses on developing chatbots using Python. It also touches on using NLP and ML to increase the sophistication of artificial intelligence used in chatbots.

Conversational Marketing: How the World’s Fastest Growing Companies Use Chatbots to Generate Leads 24/7/365 (and How You Can Too) This book focuses more on using chatbots for marketing. This is a big reason why many people are interested in chatbots and knowing the philosophy behind this type of marketing is invaluable.

JVZOO Products

Conversiobot This is the chatbot software I purchased and I love it! It’s so easy to create and deploy a professional chatbot with no coding knowledge. Also, this is a great price for such a highly functional software.

SmartBots This is a cool chatbot software that allows you to create chatbots that help you sell more products on your website. This is another interesting software I would absolutely consider purchasing if I were starting this niche website.

Earning Potential

Assuming you can get one JVZOO sale per day and a few Amazon products sold with the customers making a few extra purchases you can make $2200 per month on the conservative side. 

You also have the potential to make even more money by selling your own customized chatbots that are industry specific.

You could also explore more chatbot related affiliate products to add even more income to your niche website. 

Good converting JVZOO products and $2200/month””


The chatbot niche is a great topic to start a niche website. I love the passionate following and the high-converting products you can promote. It also has some great brandable domain names and few easy places to find traffic. I wish you much luck in starting this niche website. I would love to start it myself, but I’d rather find more profitable niches to share with you!

The Feature Highlights

  • Very large projected market growth due to increased acceptance and use of chatbots
  • High-converting JVZOO products with really good funnels for increased upsell opportunities
  • Great domains for branding available at a discount
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